Air Optix for Astigmatisme (6 Pack)

Air Optix for Astigmatisme (6 Pack)

Buy cheap contact lenses online! Air Optix For Astigmatism

  • Brand: Air Optix
  • Contents: 6 lenses per box
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Air Optix for Astigmatism 6 pack contact lenses correct your cylindrical defect (astigmatism) and are made of Silicone Hydrogel, providing your eyes with oxygen and comfortable feeling.

Air Optix for Astigmatism

Open your eyes for AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM, the new monthly lens, highly permeable to the oxygen! For a perfect functioning and ability to stay healthy, our eyes need oxygen. But soft contact lenses often form a barrier between air and eye. The new highly transmissible lenses ‘AIR OPTIX FOR ASTIGMATISM’ are silicone based and have a special coating designed to improve the hydration of the lens and to increase resistance to deposits of protein. This process makes AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM the best lens for people with astigmatism!

Monthly Disposable Toric Soft Contact Lens for Astigmatism. Standard Base Curve (BC): 8.70 mm Standard Diameter (DIA): 14.50 mm Cylinder (Cyl.): -0.75 / -1.25 / -1.75 / -2.25 DPower: -9.00 to +6.00 Diopters (D) Material: Lotrafilcon B, 33% Water content, Oxygen permeability (Dk/t) 108