SofLens Daily Disposable (90 Pack)

SofLens Daily Disposable (90 Pack)

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  • Brand: Soflens
  • Contents: 90 lenses per box
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Daily disposable soft contact lenses. Package Details:90 visibly tinted lenses immersed in buffered saline solution. Material and % of content: 30% polymerWater % of content: 70%

Soflens Daily Disposable(90 pack)

Soflens Daily Disposableis the advantage pack for 3 months of viewing pleasure. Enjoy a new and fresh contact lens every day, a hygienic and safe way to correct your vision.

Vision in high definition

Bausch & Lomb has launched a new daily disposable lens. This soft aspheric lens has a better stability and gives a more comfortable feeling because of the extra humidification.

Soft daily disposable contact lens. Standard base curve (BC): medium = 8.60 mm standard diameter (DIA): 14.20 mm power: -9.00 To +6.00 Diopters (d) material: hilafilcon a, 59% water (dk/l-value: 25)

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